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iblances – Blue Screen Error Messages and How to Fix Them

Today I am going to write about 3 different things that happen when you use your computer and discuss how you can best fix them.


1. Blue Screen Error Messages


Blue screen error messages are among the most annoying things that happens to a lot of people on a daily basis. The reason for the occurrence of these error messages are varies. They can be linked to your hardware or to the programs that you may have run at the same time.


The symptoms of the blue screen error messages are you will be forced to restart your computer. You usually will find that any important data has already be saved and then the computer will restart. You may have to deal with theidation of your hard drive. It is important that you have necessary computer knowledge and software skills, so that you can correctly diagnose the problem and have the necessary fix.


Again the occurrence of these error messages can be avoided if you have the proper knowledge about the cause. Aside from the necessary software and hardware knowledge, you need to understand the different reasons why these things happen.



2. Registry Errors


There are times that you may find that your computer is freezing and it just restarts for no apparent reason. The most common cause of this is the registry. This is a required part of the computer where important information is stored in order for the processes to run smoothly. Aside from configuration files, other important things are saved in the registry including the user preferences and even your computer’s preferences. It is also the place where the computer’s settings are stored and can be changed anytime you wish to your computer without having to deal with the possible problems. If there are problems in the registry, your computer’s processing speed may slowdown.


These errors can be prevented and fixed by running a registry cleaner. This is a type of software that is made to check and fix problems associated with the registry. There are many kinds of registry cleaners and they all work the same way. They have a database wherein all the detected errors will be recorded. Then you will be allowed to delete the errors. Registry cleaners can be obtained even at a fee and they will help to improve your computer’s performance.


One common type of registry cleaner that you can obtain is the freeware. On the other hand there are also paid versions of registry cleaners but they are not free of charge. The reason why there are paid versions of registry cleaners is because they are more advanced and have more features compared to the freeware. Also, the paid versions of registry cleaners have more features as compared to the freeware. It is just like any other utility. The only difference is that we have to pay for it.


It is very essential that you know about these errors so that you can avoid them. If you do not have any type of technical knowledge then you should not attempt to fix the registry yourself because you might delete something that is essential which will lead to a total system failure. It is also important that you make a backup of the registry files, configuration earlier if possible. Also, do not attempt to edit the registry manually because you might delete some useful items and cause your computer to be unable to start.


The best way to prevent registry errors is to use a registry cleaner. This is a type of software that will automatically scan for problems and fix them at a certain point of time. There are many different registry cleaners available and the reviews on them are also very helpful so that you can pick the best one for your computer needs. There are very many reviews on the registry cleaners available and you can pick out the best reviews of the registry cleaners when you go through the reviews. Blue ScreenBlue ScreenBlue ScreenBlue ScreenBlue Screen


So, if you have registry errors and if your computer is running slower than usual, cleaning the registry might be the solution for it. If you do not have any technical experience it is advisable that you let the registry cleaner analyze the computer and fix the registry errors. If you do have technical experience it is advisable to clean the registry up manually because when you eliminate the registry errors manually there is a high chance that you delete some useful items from the computer.

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